1- Promote the organization of the Ecuadorian people to recognize the dignity of human beings, and the respect to the Ecuadorian rights in society.

2- To promote an integrated State, participatory and equitable.

3- Achieve that the common welfare constitutes the primary to be subordinated to activities of the Society and the State, with the purpose to promote a dignified and fair life for all Ecuadorians.

4- Emphasize that the country is above individual interests or groups or sectors of the Ecuadorian society.

5- Advocate democracy as a form of government and a system that allows the coexistence of Ecuadorians, with the recognition of the value that they have as workers, peasants, nationalities, cultural ethnics along with social and business sectors to establish conditions that allow the development of our nation and their inhabitants.

6- Recognize the value of our history and their constant action of social groups, largely shunned, by growing and developing.

7- Recover the moral, social and civic values of the Ecuadorian people, by respecting their dignity and their ethno cultural diversity.

8- Guarantee the social, political and cultural rights of the Ecuadorian people.

9- Strengthen the national unity and the capacities of the citizens to defend the national sovereignty.

10-  Reject any kind of exploitation, social and national discrimination, be it in the country as well as the Latin American scope and global.

11-  Promote an ambiance of peace where the human capacities of the Ecuadorians allow them to progress, to enjoy the resources of our country with their rich and diverse geography.

12-   To appropriately exercise the political opposition at all levels of government.

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