Annabella Azín: Our Foundation has suspended support for micro-enterprises

In an interview on Sonorama Radio, the PRIAN List 7 candidate for Vice-President of the Republic,  Annabella Azín announced that the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, presided over by her husband and running mate, Álvaro Noboa, has suspended support for the creation of micro-enterprises in light of the report of the National Electoral Council (CNE) that has decided to suspend such actions.

They are not gifts, as they say.  It’s support for the formation of micro-enterprises by families who are poor but have initiative and it’s been done for 33 years.  Now, however, because we are in the electoral campaign, it’s more well-known and there are a lot of people who are informed about it and ask for support, she explained.

“The sanctions are specifically addressed; not all the candidates are measured with the same yardstick.”

Annabella Azín revealed that the incumbent candidate, Rafael Correa, is using State resources, machinery, vehicles and employees in his campaign; that he is abusing the public means of communication, and even the international television station, Telesur, which dedicates huge spaces for his advertisement without the CNE applying the respective controls.

“Upon suspending this work, the one who loses is the Ecuadorian who would receive support.”

During the interview, she repeated that the information generated by the opinion pollsters regarding voter’s intentions are committing the same mistakes as in past elections when they gave Álvaro Noboa secondary ranking and he always ended up in the finals. They (the pollsters) respond to the interests of their patrons or whoever pays them, and they are tendentious and not very democratic.

For the Vice-Presidential candidate for her party, the PRIAN has broad support because the people believe in their plan to fight and attempt to eliminate poverty from the country in the medium term, creating condition for the reactivation of the economy and changing the current model of government which is a bad employer and a bad administrator of State holdings and has not solved problems.

Under our government, “private enterprise has to have an active role and to be an instigator of economic reactivation with favorable conditions that we will provide. The political and legal framework of the country has to be changed. As we are, there are neither the tax conditions nor the legal conditions for investors and there is no way to reactivate the economy and entrepreneurs can not get ahead for themselves to improve the productivity of the country and generate employment, which is what Ecuadorians are asking for so often.