The Ecuadorian businessman, Alvaro Noboa, invites different political parties and movements and independent citizens opponents of the regime of Economist Rafael Correa, to join the protest march in Quito and Guayaquil, that will take place on Wednesday, September 16 2015 from 17h00. [gview file=”” save=”1″]  

Alvaro Noboa prepares new political party


The Ecuadorian businessman Alvaro Noboa seeks to continue in politics and former Assemblyman Freddy Bravo asked the National Electoral Council (CNE) the key required to start collecting support signatures. In June, Bravo filed the petition with the name of Ecuadorian political party Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante. He attached the statutes and the declaration of principles, the yellow, black and blue colored logo. In its statutes it is determined to be a nationalist political organization and speaks of an inclusive citizenship in education, health, environment, labor, employment, and inside an equitable system that relies on opportunities with...

Political parties are renewed for 2017


The formerly known Institutional Renewal Party of National Action (Prian for its Spanish acronym) is looking for a new name and colors to request in two months the password to the National Electoral Council (CNE) to begin the signature collection process, said Freddy Bravo, former leader of the party, to El Universo newspaper. In a publication of the afore-mentioned newspaper on the registration of 3 political parties for 2017, a picture of the house that was once the headquarters of the Prian, located in the Esmeraldas and Piedrahita streets of the city of Guayaquil, which...

Historical participation of PRIAN

PRIAN-Alvaro-NoboaSince 2002, date on which businessman Alvaro Noboa decides to be a candidate for the presidential elections, the Institutional Renewal Party of National Action (PRIAN for its acronym in Spanish) is consolidated at the same time. Although it was a new political party, Ecuadorians completely relied on Alvaro Noboa and his party. 10 candidates of the PRIAN were elected to be members of the National Congress.

In 2006, the PRIAN proposes a stronger campaign, with a view to democracy and justice, becoming Ecuador’s strongest political party. 17 of its candidates for deputies occupied posts in the Congress.

In 2009, the party supports its political leader Alvaro Noboa as presidential candidate and his wife Anabella Azín as vice presidential candidate. His plan of government proposed radical changes to eliminate the breach between rich and poor, and raise living standards of Ecuadorians.

The last participation of the party was in 2013. The CNE made a renewal of political parties with the collection of signatures of people affiliated to political parties. The PRIAN achieved the required number of signatures but the CNE argued that the signatures were not enough, so it removed the party from the records.

PRIAN: We are still present


Five months have passed since the plenary of the National Electoral Council (CNE for its Spanish acronym), improperly removed from its record the PRIAN (Partido Renovador Institucional Acción -Institutional Renewal Action Party by its Spanish name-). This occurred even though the electoral coefficient in 2013 was 4.184% for PRIAN, mentioned by the CNE itself. The PRIAN, despite being ignored by the government organisms, is still present within the Ecuadorian society; it has not stopped to be a political party. It is currently in the process of strengthening and development of projects that promote democracy and...


Wilson Sanchez

Wilson Sanchez said that the PRIAN is not subjected to the provisions of Article 327 of the Code of Democracy forits registration to be disenrolled, because it exceeded the coefficient of Article 327 of the electoral law. So much so, that the CNE, in September 2013, unanimously adopted resolution PLE-1-17-9-2013. It welcomed reports of its specialized agencies, and distributed the Permanent Party Fund, recognizing to PRIAN the electoral coefficient of 4.184% in the 2013 elections. The PRIAN Director added that there is not,-nor could have- any resolution of the CNE plenary that could annul the resolution PLE-CNE-1-17-9-2013, fully notified and...



PRIAN is not subjected to any of the provisions laid down in Article 327 of the Code of Democracy for its registration to be canceled. So it is that CNE communicates in September, 18th, 2013, that unanimously, through its resolution PLE-CNE-1-17-9-2013 it solves: “Article 1, to take in report  523-CGAJ-CNE-2013 of September 17, 2013, the General  Coordinator of Legal advice, memorandum NCE-CNTPE-2013-0389-M of September 17, 2013, of the National Technical Coordinator of elections processes to which is attached report 015-DNOP CNE-2013 of September, 17, 2013 signed by the National Tehnical Coordinator of  Political Participation, the...